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twistedchick ([personal profile] twistedchick) wrote in [personal profile] liz_marcs 2013-03-21 07:40 pm (UTC)

I did the same thing, some years ago, on slush -- spun out fast and uncontrollably and hit the metal guard rail above a drop-off into a flooding river. I was fine. I found out when I got to where I was going that my grandmother's antique mixing bowl (in the trunk, on the side that hit) was toast. I found out later that the leaf springs supporting the back of the car (Chevy Nova, so in modern terms think Geo Prizm) had fractured into four-inch segments for the length of the springs (they were layers of long strips of metal, so think six feet or so of sort-of-interlocking four-inch segments), and the frame was bent six inches to the left. If I'd taken it to the insurers, they'd probably have said it was totaled; as it was, I drove it for another two years because I didn't have money for another car. I hope your car has less damage than that.

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