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More on the Class Divide

During a meeting at work today there was an actual conversation about awful "ObamaCare" is and how the "less deserving" was going to take advantage of it.

Me: *biting my tongue so hard that I could taste blood*

One of the participants actually said, "Worst of all, how are we supposed to pay for healthcare for people who contribute nothing to society?"

Me, unable to take it any more: "A friend of mine died from sepsis poisoning that was diagnosed far too late because he didn't have health insurance, which meant he had no healthcare either."

Result: Stunned silence that lasted all of a minute.

Me thinking during the moment of silence: I hope every single one of you feel shame.

And then they started talking about hockey.

Me thinking during the hockey discussion: I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

What is wrong with people?
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Back when I was a journalist in a small city, years ago, I noticed that the people who did not see the effect of their policies on poor people were ones who never got out of their cars. They didn't take the bus. (There was no subway.) They did not walk to work, or to the store, or to the movie theatre. The difference was glaring to those of us who did walk, who took buses, who lived in small walk-up flats built decades earlier because we couldn't afford better, more modern apartments. What I heard from the people who only traveled in cars was this: these are people I don't know, so what happens to them doesn't matter.

When they know, when it is brought home to them that the people affected are real people, real human beings, grown-ups and children and teen-agers who are suffering...

most often they have nothing to say.