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liz_marcs ([personal profile] liz_marcs) wrote2013-11-04 09:59 am

Fess Up. Who knew this?

Richard Pryor can...

I mean could...

Holy shit, that man could sing!


In other news, I really will respond to all your expressions of sympathy. It's just I've been doing a lot of sidling up to those posts, y'know, keeping them in my peripheral vision.

Then the point hovers over the comment numbers so I can click and respond and...


And I run away. So, still working up the courage.

Otherwise, my mother is doing okay, as is my brother. It's a process.

Anyway, enjoy the video and the jaw dropping moment above.

Because...well...holy shit!
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[personal profile] psyfic 2013-12-09 06:48 pm (UTC)(link)
So many artistic people have more than one talent like Pryor. Two other comedians, John Pinette (who starred on Broadway in Hairspray) and George Carlin, both have/had lovely voices. Maybe there should be a comedian Christmas album? ;-)

Now, I actually dropped by to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Sorry to have missed the actual day, but hope it was magical.