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liz_marcs ([personal profile] liz_marcs) wrote2013-11-04 09:59 am

Fess Up. Who knew this?

Richard Pryor can...

I mean could...

Holy shit, that man could sing!


In other news, I really will respond to all your expressions of sympathy. It's just I've been doing a lot of sidling up to those posts, y'know, keeping them in my peripheral vision.

Then the point hovers over the comment numbers so I can click and respond and...


And I run away. So, still working up the courage.

Otherwise, my mother is doing okay, as is my brother. It's a process.

Anyway, enjoy the video and the jaw dropping moment above.

Because...well...holy shit!
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[personal profile] psyfic 2013-11-05 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Way behind on my journal reading so had not heard and just wished to express my sympathies. I'm glad you are taking needed time for yourself in the process. It's difficult enough without worrying unnecessarily for what others are thinking or what is happening elsewhere.