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Great Whites, Kayakers, and Paddleboarders...Oh My!

Behold! The Great White Shark Tribe has once again descended upon Cape Cod (it appears we are a gourmet destination for the big buggers thanks to our over-abundance of seals).

The weekend yielded what is, in my opinion, the most awesome picture of the Great White Shark Tribe summering down on the Cape.


—Shelly Negrotti/AP

Just for the record, this was taking place 150 feet off-shore in 8 feet of water. So we're talking really, really shallow water that's really, really close to shore.

And by the way, both the dudes in the picture did not expect to cross paths with what is believed to be a 12- to 14-foot long Great White. (All the shark did was sniff around to see if the kayaker was a seal and then took off when it was determined that plastic and seal flesh are not the same thing. Still. Yikes!)

In any case, the Cape Cod Times has the obligatory "And then I wet my pants..." interview.

For more of a nation-wide overview of the Great White Sharks' rekindled love of all things Cape Cod, MSNBC has more here.

In any case, it appears the Great White Shark Tribe are here to stay as permanent summer tourists, much to the delight of the locals who are sucking up the yummy money from human shark-spotters.

Although it appears that kayakers and paddleboarders may want to pay attention to the local Shark Spotters before taking to the seas.
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Why do I have the Jaws theme playing in my head?

I think it's time to get out of the water....
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I have a feeling that in this particular region, there will be an uptick in rentals of the movie, either through Netflix or Redbox or whatever DVD purveyor is active in that area. And likely, the radio stations will be suddenly playing the theme a lot more. Or am I being cynical?
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NEGL, that is a hilarious picture.
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Meep! I'll stick to river and lake kayaking, thank you VERY much.
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Hydroplaning and hyperventilating!